Why You Need A Targeted List Of Subscribers

In order to increase your odds of success, you need a list of targeted prospects. Some marketers, especially newbies, think that the more people on their list, the better chance they will have of making sales. However, if your list is not targeted specifically to your niche, it will be very hard to sell anything to your subscribers. If your list is targeted specifically to what you are promoting, people on that list will be more apt to purchase what you are promoting.

For example, if your niche is about traffic generation you want people on your list who are interested in learning about how to generate traffic. If you had people on your list interested in learning how to play a musical instrument, how many do you think would purchase your product on traffic generation? I think you will agree that the number would be very few.

When deciding on a niche, do not decide on too broad of one; instead narrow it down so you can reach those interested in exactly what you will be promoting. For example, although this e-book is about one aspect of internet marketing, it is targeted towards those people interested in building a profitable list, not those interested in learning more about SEO.

Once you grow your list of subscribers interested in your chosen niche and have marketed to them successfully, you could expand into another targeted niche. However, it would be even better to build another list of subscribers interested in a niche closely related to your original niche. For example, if your niche is how to build a profitable list, a related niche would be email marketing or even article marketing. You could then cross promote to both lists as those interested in growing a profitable list will also need to know about email and article marketing.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not branch out into another niche for at least 3 months AFTER you have grown a profitable list in your original niche. This is so you are not spreading yourself too thin by having too many irons in the fire at one time. You do not want to be a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ nor could you be a successful internet marketer if you were, so you need to concentrate on one niche at a time until you have mastered a niche thoroughly.

If you have a list targeted to a specific niche and the promotional emails you send to your subscribers are for a product in that niche, your subscribers will be less likely to feel that you are spamming them. While spam complaints are inevitable as some people will forget they joined your list, the number will be less than if you send out emails and promote products in a niche they did not join your list to learn about.

When you grow a targeted list, you are attracting people who need help on a specific topic. Most people are on many lists so anyone that joins your list is actively looking for more information. Even if they have already purchased one or more products on the subject, they have not yet found exactly what they are looking for since they are still trying to find a solution to their problem. This makes them much more receptive to purchasing the product from you that does answer their questions or solves their problem.

So, not only do you need to grow a targeted list, you need to specifically ask them what their needs are so you can create a product that meets those needs.

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