Pursue Your Passion With Legal Office Technology

All the career surveys you’ve taken haven’t helped narrow your interests. The truth is, you love law, business, and technology. Now, you don’t have to choose between them. With the many legal office technology careers available, you can blend your passions into the perfect career.Legal office technology careers offer you the opportunity to perform a wide variety of administrative and office management functions to promote the efficient operation of a legal organization. Tasks may range from scheduling trials and recording court business to performing legal work for an individual attorney. You may also be called upon to handle legal dictation and transcription, set up legal files and business records, and execute legal forms.To better prepare for legal office technology careers, you can earn a technical certificate or associate of applied science degree in legal office technology, which may then transfer into a bachelor of applied technology degree. These programs will enable you to become a management support professional with technical and communication skills. After all, time management, problem solving, and teamwork skills are key to success in legal office technology.Legal office technology schools provide a foundation in legal issues, terminology, and procedures for successful employment in a legal office support position. They’ll also help you develop general office support skills in word processing, computer applications, accounting, and information management.Coursework at legal office technology schools may include business communications, computerized accounting, digital input and transcription, client services, wills and probate, criminal law, business mathematics, keyboarding, word processing, administrative law and procedure, legal office technology, legal assisting, legal document processing, civil litigation, family law, legal terminology and office procedures, spreadsheets, records and database management, paralegal studies, and legal research and analysis.In your legal office technology program, you’ll become familiar with the U.S. court systems in the preparation of forms and legal documents. You may also follow a lawsuit through litigation, trial, judgment, and appeal. You’ll learn the proper terminology for handling legal dictation and transcription, and you’ll learn about law office administration as well as the major substantive areas of the law.At legal office technology schools, you’ll also dabble in the elements of legal research and analysis and sources of the law. You’ll develop skills for identifying and analyzing legal issues and for formulating logical and practical legal arguments. Plus, you’ll learn to research using a law library and computer technology.Looking for a lucrative career in a legal setting? Legal office technology schools will get you there.

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